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Join and help to build the European Technology Enhanced Learning Community

What is TELeurope?

TELeurope is a virtual community of stakeholders launched by the FP7 network of excellence STELLAR, a legacy of both the former FP6 networks of excellence Kaleidoscope and Prolearn. It is made up of researchers, developers, teachers, industrialists and others with an interest in Technology Enhanced Learning. It is a tool to foster dialogue between different disciplines and existing research communities, for the benefit of enhancing research capacity and visibility in Europe in the field of TEL.

TELeurope is an open virtual community, based on social software, where members can interact, create contacts, share content, take part in discussions, and more.

What can TELeurope do for you?

  • Helping you network with your peers, both within the field of TEL, and beyond it
  • Increasing the visibility of your association and its events  
  • Supporting the dissemination of your research activities and results
  • Encouraging discussion around the research and political agendas around TEL allows you to:

  • Create a Special Interest Group and invite participants
  • Start a Blog, perhaps linked it to your website, and inform the community of your association's events, activities and achievements
  • Discuss one-on-one or in a group with experts - a long list of well known figures in the field are already members of this community 

Increase the visibility of research ...and much more. Join!