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The Association is composed of:
a)   The Founding Members;
b)   The Research Units represented at the first meeting of the General Assembly; 
c)   Any other European Research Unit that so requests, subject to approval by the General Assembly, on the basis of regulations that are specified in the Internal Regulations.

All members of the Association shall make significant contributions to or have direct or indirect interests in promoting research and development in the field of technology enhanced learning.

Every Association Member has the right to have its own representative at the General Assembly. Each Association Member designates a physical person to be its representative. A Member may change its representative by informing the Governing Board.

Membership dues

Each Association Member is required to pay annually membership dues in order to maintain its membership. Membership dues are non-transferable and may not be re-assessed.

The amount of the membership dues, payment conditions and other aspects related to them are defined in the Internal Regulations.