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Deliverable 2: Typologies for learning patterns for mathematical games

This deliverable is divided into two main parts:

1. A set of typologies and a typology tool for using them;
2. Documentation describing the process of typology development.

As a by product of our work on this deliverable, we have created a tool for collaborative editing of mind maps. This tool is now provided as a derivative outcome.

Executive Summary

The goals of this deliverable are to:
  • Provide a set of typologies that classify the different expertise required in the design and deployment of mathematical games.
  • Ensure that the set of typologies developed reflect the synergistic collaboration between the design and deployment strands of the project, through addressing critical aspects of the process identified by experts in both strands.
  • Develop an online tool that allows for typology development and communication between all communities involved in the development process.
  • Provide a small set of case studies to inform the development of the typologies.
  • Iteratively and collaboratively design the typologies so as they can be using to inform the development of learning patterns.

We provide a detailed account of the development of the set of typologies, and the online typology tool for use by the community. Specifically these typologies form a critical part of the process of developing learning patterns, by providing a starting point in their construction. Moreover, the online tool provides a mechanism for the continuing development of the typologies through input from the wider technology enhanced learning community.

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